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Disabling Skype Home Window

Skype is a dog’s dinner of an app and has been for a while, and I feel slightly guilty I may have contributed to the rot when I suggested that Skype was a social network, not a telephone service.

But one of the most annoying features of the software for Windows users is the ridiculous Skype Home popup window that can’t be disabled when running in compact view. There are workarounds but they’re ugly.

Thanks to a guy called Andrew Worcester it is not possible to kill Skype Home through a small system tray app he’s written called, logically enough, Kill Skype Home, or KSH for short.

It does exactly what it’s supposed to:

Download the app.

Install it.

You’ll see a little circle in the system tray.

Right click on it and select "Start with Windows" (assuming you want the app to run automatically on startup.

Restart Windows.

Check Skype Home doesn’t appear.

Make donation to Andrew for his excellent work.

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