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Disabling Skype Home Window

Skype is a dog’s dinner of an app and has been for a while, and I feel slightly guilty I may have contributed to the rot when I suggested that Skype was a social network, not a telephone service.

But one of the most annoying features of the software for Windows users is the ridiculous Skype Home popup window that can’t be disabled when running in compact view. There are workarounds but they’re ugly.

Thanks to a guy called Andrew Worcester it is not possible to kill Skype Home through a small system tray app he’s written called, logically enough, Kill Skype Home, or KSH for short.

It does exactly what it’s supposed to:

Download the app.

Install it.

You’ll see a little circle in the system tray.

Right click on it and select "Start with Windows" (assuming you want the app to run automatically on startup.

Restart Windows.

Check Skype Home doesn’t appear.

Make donation to Andrew for his excellent work.


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Can’t Access Gmail

If you have problems logging in to Gmail, don’t panic. You might get a message in your browser saying something like “Gmail timed out” even when you’re able to access other pages (and ping your Gmail account via GoogleTalk, for example.) You may find you get this error even in different browsers, indicating it’s not a cache error.

The best way to resolve this is to try rebooting. That fixed it for me, and it should for you.

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Google Talk Shortcuts

Google Talk is one of my favorite applications: it’s light, unobtrusive and you can store your old conversations in Gmail. But I realised I wasn’t using it as well as I could, so I looked for some keyboard shortcuts. Here’s a few:


CTRL + R Right align text

CTRL + E Center align text

CTRL + L Left align text


CTRL + 1 For single spaced lines

CTRL + 2 For double spaced lines

CTRL + 5 For 1.5 spaced lines

Function keys

F9 Send an email to the contact you’re chatting with

F11 Start a voice chat with the contact

F12 Cancel the current call


ESC Close the current window

ALT + ESC Close all Google Talk windows

WINDOWS + Esc  Open Google Talk if minimized, or behind other windows

Tab/CTRL+Tab/Ctrl+i Cycle through open windows

Shift+Tab Cycle backwards through open windows


Google Talk keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts from Customize Talk

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How to Geotag Your Tweets

Twitter has just announced release of its API to enable geotagging. This means that you can allow people to see where your tweets were tweeted from—and to see where others are tweeting from. Twitter says

The added information provides valuable context when reading your friends tweets and allows you to better focus in on local conversations. Now you can find out what live music is playing right now in your neighborhood or what people visiting Checkpoint Charlie are saying today about the anniversary of the Berlin Wall.

In other words, it should make geographical dicing of the twitter torrent easier.

Geotagging is turned off by default. To turn it on, go to your settings page and look for the location section:


Check the enable geotagging box:


(To delete such data in the future, click on the button below it.)

To see it in action, check out one of the applications that has already built this functionality in. (Twitter lists Birdfeed, Seesmic Web, Foursquare, Gowalla, Twidroid, Twittelator Pro as among those which have.)

If someone has it enabled, you’ll see it on Seesmic web as a small beacon. Mouse over it and a map will pop up:


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How to use Windows 7 Shortcuts

Here’s a list of the best Windows 7 shortcuts, many of them culled from the excellent list at Lifehacker. The full list is here. Maybe there are more?


Win+number Opens corresponding program on taskbar
Win+Alt+number Opens tasklist on corresponding program
Shift+Win+number Opens a new instance of corresponding application
Ctrl+Win+number Cycles thro open windows of corresponding application
Alt+Win+number Opens the Jump List for corresponding application
Win+T Focus and scroll through items on the taskbar
Win+B Focuses the System Tray icons



Ctrl+Shift+N Creates a new folder
Alt+Up Goes up a folder level
Alt+P Toggles the preview pane
Shift+Right-Click on a file Adds Copy as Path, which copies the path of a file to the clipboard
Shift+Right-Click on a file Adds extra hidden items to the Send To menu



Win+P Adjust presentation settings for your display
Win+(+/-): Zoom in/out
Win+G Cycle between the Windows Gadgets on your screen (if you have any)
Win+X Open Windows Mobility Center (change brightness, sound, power, WiFi settings…
Win+L Lock your workstation



Win+ left/right arrow Move window to right/left half of screen
Win+up/down arrow Maximise window/return to original size
Win+Shift+up arrow Stretch window vertically (to top and bottom edges of screen; down arrow reverses)
Win+Shift+left/right arrow Move window between multiple screens
Win+M Minimize all windows (+Shift to Maximise?n)
Win+Home Minimize all but active window (press again to reverse)
Win+D Display the desktop (press again to reverse)
Win+Spacebar Preview desktop
Win+Home Minimize all but active window (press again to reverse)



Win+E Open Explorer/Computer
Win+F Open Search window
Win+R Run dialog box


Non MS programs

Win+K Shifts focus to Klips (if installed)
Win+S Opens clipper in Evernote (in installed)

  You might also be interested in this: How to Search in Windows Seven

 The Master List of New Windows 7 Shortcuts – Windows – Lifehacker

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