Freeing up Space on Your Android Phone

Android phones may be great but they’re not kind to anyone wanting to install more than a few apps or more than a hundred or so contacts. Here are some tips to freeing up space.

Install DiskUsage to see what’s taking up most space (or go to Settings/Applications/Manage applications/Running and then Menu/Sort by size)

Install App 2 SD to move any app that will work off your phone’s memory to the SD card.

If contacts seem to be taking up the bulk of your space, try the following:

  • Go to Settings/Applications/Manage applications/Running
  • Open Contacts Storage
  • Clear data
  • Go to Contacts/Menu/Display options/Choose contacts to display
  • Select only those groups to sync that you need on your phone (go to on your PC to manage your groups. It’s easier)

To keep an eye on how much memory and SD card space you have, install Mini Info


Published by:

Jeremy Wagstaff

Jeremy Wagstaff is Chief Technology Correspondent, Asia, for Thomson Reuters. He has worked as a reporter, editor and columnist for Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review and the BBC. . He has lived and worked in Asia since 1987 and is currently based in Singapore.

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