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Freeing up Space on Your Android Phone

Android phones may be great but they’re not kind to anyone wanting to install more than a few apps or more than a hundred or so contacts. Here are some tips to freeing up space.

Install DiskUsage to see what’s taking up most space (or go to Settings/Applications/Manage applications/Running and then Menu/Sort by size)

Install App 2 SD to move any app that will work off your phone’s memory to the SD card.

If contacts seem to be taking up the bulk of your space, try the following:

  • Go to Settings/Applications/Manage applications/Running
  • Open Contacts Storage
  • Clear data
  • Go to Contacts/Menu/Display options/Choose contacts to display
  • Select only those groups to sync that you need on your phone (go to google.com/contacts on your PC to manage your groups. It’s easier)

To keep an eye on how much memory and SD card space you have, install Mini Info


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