PersonalBrain: Refreshing Your Icons

(For users of PersonalBrain only.)

I find the icons for websites (favicons, to be precise) very useful for making thoughts stand out:


But sometimes PersonalBrain either doesn’t get them or forgets them, defaulting back to the boring standard icon:


It took me way too long to figure this out, but you can easily refresh the stored icon.

Make the thought you want to refresh the active one.

Open the properties tab or right click on the thought and select Properties and Attachments:


Right click on the link and select Refresh URL icon:


You should see the old icon change to the website’s one:

This is the way it should be done

Published by:

Jeremy Wagstaff

Jeremy Wagstaff is Chief Technology Correspondent, Asia, for Thomson Reuters. He has worked as a reporter, editor and columnist for Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review and the BBC. . He has lived and worked in Asia since 1987 and is currently based in Singapore.

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