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How To Disable Skype’s Plug-in Manager

If you’re using Skype on Windows and finding that your computer is slowing down, chances are it’s the Skype Plug-in Manager hogging resources. For some reason the separate program takes over some computers—even if you’ve got no plug-ins installed.

Here’s how to close down and disable the program so it doesn’t bother you again (assuming you’re not using any of the Skype extras.)

Hit Control-Shift-Esc to bring up the Windows Task Manager.

In the Processes tab, check for skypePM.exe. This is what it should look like:

skype plugin manager

As you can see, it’s taking up nearly half my CPU.

To force it to close, click on it and hit delete. You’ll get a prompt:

skype plugin manager3

Now you just need to make sure it doesn’t open automatically whenever you launch Skype. To do this, go into Options and select Advanced Settings.

In there, uncheck the box marked Automatically start Extras:

skype plugin manager2

That should do it.


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5 Responses

  1. qiaunus says:

    Thanks for that post man!
    Was looking for that option to disable the Skype Extras..

  2. Adam says:

    Thank You very Much, This was bothering me.. and eating my system resources.

    thanks Again

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks from me too, it was very annoying

  4. Pariac says:

    Cheers man, those extras were wreaking my head!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Do you know of a plugin I can add to MY website to disable the skype number reader so readers of my site see phone numbers as formatted text & not skype numbers

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