How to Load Full Quality Images on Vodafone Dongles

If you use one of vodafone’s mobile broadband dongles (HSUPA, EVDO, HSDPA) you might find images are being loaded in compressed form to speed download times and reduce data traffic. If you don’t care about either, but want your images nice looking here'[s how to fix it.

Internet Explorer users: The best way is simply to hit Shift+r over the image you want to improve.

Firefox users:

1. Install Greasemonkey if you haven’t already. You’ll know it’s running if you’ve got a monkey in the bottom right corner of your browser:


2.  Load this script by clicking on either this link or finding the link on this page (if you have Greasemonkey installed you’ll be prompted with a request about whether you want to install it):


3. With Greasemonkey running (the little monkey at the bottom right hand corner of your browser should be smiling and brown. If he isn’t, click him) check that the script is now loaded by right clicking the monkey and checking the script is active:


4. Now if you load a page with images in it you’ll be prompted by a message confirming that you’re loading high quality images (this is done in case you’ve forgotten you’re using more data):

Click OK and the high quality images will load normally.

5. To switch off the warning message, you need to edit the script. Right click the monkey and select Manage User Scripts…


6. Highlight the Vodafone script in the list on the left of the Greasemonkey window and click the Edit button:


7. The script should load in your text editor. If nothing happens, you need to edit your Firefox settings. To do this, type about:config in the browser’s address field:


A page will load with all the Firefox configuration settings:


In the filter line at the top of the page start typing greasemonkey:editor until that line appears at the top of the list.

Right click the line and select Modify from the pull down menu:


Enter the path of the text editor you use (if you use the Windows Notepad, just copy this text into the box: C:\Windows\notepad.exe). Click OK.


Now go back to step 6 and try again.

8. When the script is loaded into the text editor, go to the line

alert (“High Quality Images On”);

and add two //s before it:

//alert (“High Quality Images On”);

The result should look like this:


9. Save the file.

10. Now try reloading a web page (you may have to hit Ctrl+F5). Images should load at their original quality without any warning message.

Websites used for information:

Fix for Compressed Vodafone Images – @thepointof

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Jeremy Wagstaff

Jeremy Wagstaff is Chief Technology Correspondent, Asia, for Thomson Reuters. He has worked as a reporter, editor and columnist for Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review and the BBC. . He has lived and worked in Asia since 1987 and is currently based in Singapore.

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12 thoughts on “How to Load Full Quality Images on Vodafone Dongles”

  1. I’m not really sure I like this solution. Why not just disable the feature properly rather than using Greasemonkey? It only takes a few clicks to turn off the modem compression. What’s the advantage of doing it this way over the official way of disabling the compression?

  2. Nick, that’s a good question. I can’t recall, now, why I wasn’t able to do that. I believe it might have been that I didn’t have access to disabling the compression because it was a corporate/loan unit. But obviously that would be a much better way of doing it had I had that access, and I should have mentioned that. Thanks for pointing out.

  3. Perhaps there is a way in Windows to turn off Vodafone image compression, but I can see no way on the Mac – this is a great solution for me at least. Thanks for posting it!

  4. Somehow all solutions are not working for me. At least option 1 and 2.

    I have the latest VMC Software v9.2.5.8330

    Adn what I do is i always have the compressed picture.

    Any other solutions. Why can’t we just disable the BMI shit inside vodafone software. Its really annoying that vodafone decides voor me that i have to watch low res pictures. I am loaded with money so I don’t mind the costs. I want quality !!

  5. I’m running vista and using this solution, it works, but when I turn off the high quality images message, it goes back to being compressed.


  6. I think this is an even better solution than using actual Vodafone software, because you can configure for which websites you want high quality images and for which you needn’t. I am a poor student not loaded with money and I don’t know java so thanks a lot for posting it!

  7. Can anyone suggest how to alter the vodaphone settings when using a dongle on a mac OS X laptop without using the Aitne software?



  8. How do you turn off the Image Compression on the Vodafone?? i have looked through all the settings and features, could not find it. Does it even exist as an option?

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