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Converting VCD to MPEG

Here’s how to convert a VCD to MPEG on Windows.

  1. Download VCDGear, free software that’s beautiful and simple.
  2. Open the ZIP file to a folder on your computer. That’s the installation.
  3. Run the program.
  4. Click on the vcdgear button:


  5. Select dat -> mpeg conversion from the drop-down menu below:


  6. On the load button below, open the MPEGAV folder in your VCD


  7. Select the file in that folder with a *.dat extension:


    The file will now appear in the ‘load’ window:


  8. Click the start button below:


  9. Wait for the process to complete.
  10. When it’s done, go to the output folder. The MPEG file should be there:


You’re done.

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